You will find below the summary of the programme of the two years of master, from fundamentals to specialisation.

Table of Contents

Year One

Fundamental courses

Year Two

Specialisations for HPC


Year 1
  • During the first year, students will study fundamental courses.
  • Students have the opportunity to choose their preferred study destination from the 8 awarded universities, as all of them offer similar fundamental course.
Year 2
  • Students can choose a university for specialisation.
  • Each awarding university provides one or more specialisation.
Transversal skills
  • Work environment: Ethics and Integrity, Team Management.
  • Research Techniques: Scientific Method, Critical Thinking.
  • Entrepreneurship: Business Organization and Management.
  • Legal Aspects: Licensing, Open Data, Intellectual Property.
Master’s degree
  • Dual degree from two awarding universities of the consortium.
  • European Master Degree in HPC + additional mention about specialisation.

Study programme

Year 1 — Fundamental courses

Host university

1st semester: 30 ECTS
2nd semester: 30 ECTS
Fundamental courses
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Software Engineering
  • Parallel Programming
  • Computer Architecture
  • Transversal Skills

Year 2 — Specialisation

Visiting university

3rd semester: 30 ECTS
4th semester: 30 ECTS
Specialisations for High Performance Computing
  • Numerical and Data Specialist for Science Domains
  • Performance analyst and Advisor
  • System Development and Support
  • System Architect

Master’s degree in HPC

Dual degree from two awarding universities of the consortium

Academic activities

As an essential component of the two-year European master’s programme in HPC, regular interaction with cutting-edge industrial and research activities will be facilitated. To meet this goal, students will be required to engage in various activities throughout their studies:

  • Summer Schools
  • Workshops
  • Challenges
  • Internships

These activities aim to foster a vibrant student community and promote group cohesion and facilitate connections between companies and students that can lead to internships or potential job offers.