Summer School 2024: 18 – 24 August 2024, save the date!

News from Tuesday 5 March 2024
This year's Summer School is scheduled to take place from 18 to 24 August in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Hosted by IT4Innovations, the focus of the event will be HPC in Data Science.

EUMaster4HPC Summer School 2024 will take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic from 18 to 24 August 2024. The Summer School is organised in collaboration with IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, which is part of the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, TU Wien (TUW), and MathWorks. These entities will contribute expertise and resources to enrich the experience for all participants.




Registration is open now until 31 May 2024.

To register for the event, please use the registration link based on your affiliation. The participation conditions and respective fees are below.



The Summer School will offer students practical insights into HPC and data analytics, addressing the growing demand for expertise in these areas. Participants will gain competencies in various tools and techniques, empowering them to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

In this summer school, students will learn how to prepare data and understand its characteristics to create meaningful machine learning models on an HPC architecture. For this purpose, we will use open-source programming languages, such as R and Python. The supercomputing infrastructure of IT4Innovations will be used for hands-on exercises, which will be an integral part of all lectures. At the end of the summer school, the student will gain competencies in the following:

  • Using a Linux-based HPC environment.
  • Understanding the theoretical background of exploratory data analysis and modeling.
  • Scale data analysis for Big Data in R and Python.
  • Creating basic Machine and Deep Learning models in R and Python.
  • Deciding whether to use Machine or Deep Learning methods.
  • Building data processing pipelines for Machine or Deep Learning tasks.
  • Knowing how to set up and run data analysis in parallel on an HPC cluster with R and Python.
  • Parallelization of Machine and Deep Learning tasks to use multiple compute nodes and/or multiple accelerators (GPUs).
  • Using MATLAB tools for HPC and data analysis.

Preliminary agenda

Day 0 Saturday

  • Arrival of students and guests.

Day 1 Sunday

  • Summer School Welcome event at IT4Innovations.

Day 2 Monday

  • Introduction to HPC and Data Science, access to the EuroHPC system (Karolina).

Day 3 Tuesday

  • Introduction to R, Exploratory Data Analysis with R, Modelling with R, Parallelisation in R.

Day 4 Wednesday

  • Python for HPC, Data wrangling and analytics with Python, Data visualisation libraries in Python
  • Social event at planetarium

Day 5 Thursday

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with scikit-learn, Introduction to Deep Learning with Tensorflow/Keras 2.x

Day 6 Friday

  • Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Scaling MATLAB Code to the HPC Cluster, data science tools in MATLAB

Day 7 Saturday

  • Trip to Pustevny


To foster community spirit, we have planned several social events throughout the programme, including a Welcome Party, a visit to the Planetarium, and a day trip to the picturesque mountains of Beskydy.

A detailed agenda will be available soon!

Conditions and Fees

EUMaster4HPC programme students need to cover their travel costs to Ostrava and back. Their accommodation and attendance at the summer school are arranged and fully covered directly by the organisers. It includes attendance at the lessons, access to the HPC infrastructure, catering during the lessons (coffee breaks and lunches), two social events, and a field trip to Pustevny.

External students must cover all expenses related to travel, accommodation, and attendance at the summer school. In case of a higher demand than available spots for external students, the applications will be reviewed, and selected students will be informed by the end of June about their acceptance.

The attendance fee is 250 €

It includes attendance at the lessons, access to the HPC infrastructure, catering during the lessons (coffee breaks and lunches), two social events, and a field trip to Pustevny.

External students need to arrange for their travel to Ostrava.

Organizers can help book accommodation at the same hotel as the EUMaster4HPC students and tutors, but the external students must pay for their stay. The prices vary based on occupancy and room standards and will be communicated to accepted students.

Venue and Travel

Summer School 2024 will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Below, you can find detailed information about the different venues, hotel, and a guide for travel to Ostrava. The venues are within walkable distance from the hotel, except for the Pustevny. For the field trip, a bus transport will be organized.

The welcome reception on Sunday will be held at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center, Studentská 6231/1B, Ostrava—Poruba, Czech Republic. View Map

The venue of the school is VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, New Auditorium, 17. listopadu 15, Ostrava – Poruba. View Map

The social event venue is Planetarium Ostrava, K Planetáriu 502, 725 26 Ostrava 26. View Map

The field trip is organized to Pustevny in the Beskydy Mountains. View Map

The accommodation for EUMaster4HPC students and tutors is booked in Hotel Garni at the university dormitories. View Map

Travel guide including options of flights to Ostrava is available here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Access and location