Apply to the European Master for High Performance Computing.

Table of Contents

EUMaster4HPC provides students with advanced training in HPC and related technologies, delivered by leading European specialists in HPC education.

Your benefits by enrolling the programme

  • A quality-controlled and innovative educational master’s programme for HPC and industrial applications in HPC with pan-European reach.
  • Expected and necessary expertise to enhance and develop technical and transversal skills, enabling to become leader in the HPC field.
  • A sustainable network encompassing universities, research centers, supercomputing centers (SCCs), private organisations, industry experts, centers of excellence (CoEs), and HPC-related entities.
  • A broader range of valuable competencies sought by employers at both the European and international levels.


  • Declarative and methodological knowledge in mathematical modelling and algorithms.
  • Specialised, up-to-date procedural, declarative and methodological knowledge in statistics, parallel programming and parallel architecture.
  • Advanced research topics and applications in high performance computing for science and engineering.


  • Applied and research skills in artificial intelligence, high-performance data analytics, computational linear algebra, statistics, optimisation and scientific computing.
  • Skills encompassing parallel programming, distributed systems, middleware technologies, software engineering, compilers and parallel programming design.
  • Advanced capabilities in processors and HPC architecture design, memory hierarchy, pipelined and superscalar processors, I/O, storage, networking and cloud design and deployment.
  • Transversal/soft skills and competencies to facilitate integration into the job market, develop research topics and write proposals, and critically evaluate problem-solving and analytical skills.


  • Generate innovative ideas and develop procedures to tackle complex, unpredictable challenges in HPC.
  • Quickly adapt to multicultural work environments and comprehend the operations of public and private entities.
  • Work independently with a proactive approach, exhibiting strong self-direction and effective time management competences.

Curriculum and study programme

Scholarships and funding

A mobility scholarship to support expenses inherent to the programme, such as travel and accommodation, will be grant for eligible students who hold citizenship in EuroHPC Member States and Associated Countries.

Tuition Fees per awarding university

Universities’ tuition fees will be waived for eligible students who hold citizenship in EuroHPC Member States and Associated Countries

Entry requirements

  • Passion for tackling engineering and scientific challenges through computational methods and high-performance computing.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in STEM or an equivalent qualification in computer science, a related scientific or technical field or mathematics is required.
  • Proficiency in programming or completion of at least two university-level courses in computer science covering topics such as data structures, algorithms, programming or theoretical and technical computer science is required.
  • A comprehensive training in technical mathematics, including algebra, linear algebra, probability and statistics, functional analysis, numerics, optimisation and simulation/scientific computing, is essential. Please include a list of relevant courses in your application, with a minimum of four lectures/courses.
  • English proficiency at a minimum of CEFR B2/TOEFL 85/IELTS 5 or higher, obtained within the last three years, is required. Alternatively, a certificate demonstrating completion of a bachelor’s/master’s programme of higher education in English can be submitted.
  • Students are required to relocate to another awarding university for the second year of the master’s programme. Mobility is a fundamental aspect of the programme, aimed at enriching their learning experience.

How to apply?

Checklist of documents needed to complete the application

  • School-leaving certificate
  • Transcript of records. If not in a language of the EuroHPC member states, include an officially certified translation.
  • University certificate. If studies are ongoing, provide a certificate indicating the intended completion date. If not in a language of the EuroHPC member states, include an officially certified translation.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Certification of proficiency in English. Please refer to entry requirements.
  • Copy of passport/ID card
  • Copy of residence permit for foreign nationals already domiciled in Switzerland.

Please ensure to carefully review the relevant information regarding entry requirements before proceeding with your application. Also note that any document written in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.

Application procedure

The application process is ongoing in consecutive periods.

Applicants will receive notification of the selection outcome via email approximately 3-4 weeks after the current period’s application deadline. If deemed necessary by the jury, a personal online interview will follow.

Applications must be submitted using the online application form provided below: